Amin Kamil Poems

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The Dew

Throughout the night it said
what every priest in mosque and temple says,
into the flower’s ear whispering as it wept:

Cities On Fire

What fire is this, O Lord? City after city is burning.
The reason turned into pitch-smoke, ifs and buts are burning.

The roof's aflame, the walls come down, the rooms ablaze
Houses light up houses, person after person is burning.

In Water

You’re fraught with words, better go sit in water;
For they swell with meaning and glow more in water.

Look for the heart in the chest and roast it on embers
Look for the blood in the liver and drink it in water.

Despite Insight

An unknown doubt came in sight, despite all insight:
And we fell for the darkness in a morning clearly bright.

Under the dense shade of trees, look, shadows dissolve
It's like the mid-day scorching sun, in a late afternoon breeze.

Naked Thoughts

My love provides this desert with
Your lovely hair's luxuriant shade.
Time and gain your memory
Knocks wildly at the door of my heart.

Bare Thoughts

A DESERT my love can offer the shade of your hair
The memory of you insists, knocking at the door
(If the heart is a door). It is hard to wantmore
Of time; to wish to be alone