(I saw my tears rippling down in the streams
I found all my pains dancing in my dreams)

In a white uncrumpled paper, I would
I could do so before, my stumbling mood

I'll fly to make your wings flap
Birds even dare to ascend high
The enormous space and beneath the blue sky
Our body'll spin like flashy ride

Behind those walls, I never eavesdropped
Everytime a chime plop, my glances thronged
My mother shoved hard, I withdraw my eye
And a lizard ran, the blue walls become sky

And there stopped everything, every roads
A ghastly flow of wind, with fiery swords
Bloods crawl up, bones heaped over
Half of the day gone, clouds began greyer.

We shall not forget
We shall throw away our birthday cake

We’ll wear a smile in disguise

I need a hunt
My claws are straight and sharp
Narrowed at the ends
Penetrates easily into

Those are not my mine, deep scars on the face of destiny
Every verses be it satanic or holy –
A jewel adorably been close to my chest
In a feathered cup like my own breath.

chasing away the swarms of flies-
he makes awhile busy
a crumpled hat a tattered shirt
peeps his narrow chest hairy

I measured my steps
before I waltzes
A day ago that moment came
to doorstep


When the morning appears with all its shine
Like a stolen jewel in the museum again
When the noon comes tiptoe near my window
Like a stranger lost his way and murmurs

The day is over now
lands are yet to plough

a flock of lambs lost there

The day mistful was …….profoundly shadows… the eyes…….however, so sweetly entwined……around the hearts……a ship loaded with joyful trinkets…..resounds at the shore…… stories of mariners…….. harbours a bit far more…….otherwise endness lasts a little…… a frog’s leap……hopping and croaking……in the ponds and fens…

Now the skyless above…..birds and bats twirling… and blackness…….dark silhouettes hissing freely……on the empty streets…..trees stood like relic…..nothing eerie, nothing chic……a caravan of tiny pilgrims……. from the east trundled……dry faces, fingers like red ambers…..they’ve canons…….you became animalsome…..killing your neighbours and brothers…..closer to your hearts….you pleases yourself only……like a leopard relishes the bloody flesh…..the timid deer gets its throat busted….leopard reins

There was no one, when I was in the meadows
A frail sycamore stood, with its leafy shadows
Lambs faraway, beyond the barbed fence
It was midday, the sun looked grim and tense

Behind the instincts, when your fierce steps trod
I thought of you, you became my thought
The wooden cross dangled, always in my hairy chest
The thud became more piercing, my strength would gone to rest

there was no one, in the open
i saw a tiny ant lurking in the rain
before i sway my eyes across
the ant'd gone, somewhere in the moss


I'm not I, perhaps someother person
Who bail every life through an easy bargain.
Thereof I ne'er go with the flow
Down at the grass softer, I used to mow

The grey dusk on the fringes
Every roofs like upended tongues
Licks up the last string of evening rays


I'm not I, perhaps someother person
Who bail out life through an easy bargain.
Thereof I ne'er go with the flow
Down on the grass softer, I used to mow

The beggar has lost his skullcap
Still frenziedly wandering to get that
"Where is my cap? Allah- fetch it for me."
Nobody cares his words or his plea

We used to live inside the eyes of other
Theperfumes we spray upon us, the clothes we wear
Everyday the sunstands with us the moon walks all the night
From sunup to sundown we run and run to stay in the fight


Born in India, a Hindu by faith. Believes that every thought breeds another and then another and then another.......... First published poem published poem A TREE DIED INSIDE ME was published in The Statesman in 2005. Poems are mostly influenced from the writings of Li Bai- an insane poet rejoices in lazy wanderings.)


Around My Words

(I saw my tears rippling down in the streams
I found all my pains dancing in my dreams)

In a white uncrumpled paper, I would
I could do so before, my stumbling mood
A standalone shadow, when overlaps another
Gets some space finally, like a good neighbour
However exhumed, without any trace to follow
Deep inside so much, ne’er to glow-


When the window shuts, without any force
I found myself, locked up in an unmined source
Everything precious, well-handed with preciseness
But I dips and drops in a black unholiness
Still something would, perhaps after many winters
I may behold that, without a drop of single feathers


The paper white as an ivory flutters up sometimes
But nothing I could put, as fresh as limes
When a bird I saw wandering above in vain
Weariness the word I prefer and a thankful strain
The golden streaks and luminous fragments of evening
But I couldn’t capture to get something a little simmering



i'm susceptible to the stars in the sky/I'm incurably romantic

My shadows are getting smaller and smaller to a drop of a spherical black...........

'Keeping religion immune from criticism is both unwarranted and dangerous. Unless we are willing to expose religious irrationality whenever it arises, we will encourage irrational public policy and promote ignorance over education for our children.''



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