Ammi H.

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Six zero
the number of times I check my messages

I watch in wonder while We
Stood their emotionless, we all Wear
Black ugly gowns, waiting for The
Teacher to have us start. She pulls down her Mask


She hurt me
that one day
by not showing up
when she said she was going to

Ammi H. Biography

14 yrs old from United States.
Christian (the Religeon)
Favorite Color: Yellow
Short story writer & Poet
'When nothing goes right... Go left'

The Best Poem Of Ammi H.

You Weren't There

Six zero
the number of times I check my messages
hoping you would have read it
and responded
60 times
I waited and waited
for you to respond
but you didn't
I needed you
but you just weren't responding
time after time
I messaged you SO many times
knowing you got the notifications
but you never responded
you weren't there
especially when I needed you to be
I needed you
I worried and worried
waited and waited
I thought I might have offended you
hurt you
and I didn't know
I hoped and hoped
I had no way to know
if I had hurt you in any way
I knew you saw my texts
it said you read them
but you never responded
I felt alone
without you

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Ammi H. Quotes

'Some people are in your life for a SEASON Others for a REASON and some for a LIFETIME' ~Pascale Hutton, When Calls The Heart

'Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you don't know about, be kind always'

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