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I have been working with a local small publishers for nearly 25 years. I designed their logo and helped edit some of the books. In 2001 I won a bursary to the John Hewitt Summer School and also studied poetry at James Simmons Summer School.My work has been used in several anthologies and I am currently working on my first book of poetry. I also publish an online literary e-zine called A New Ulster. I've also worked as a visual artist including book covers, logos and children's murals.

Amos Greig Poems

Social Decay

Steel capped icebergs' pierce the sky.
In artificial towers
Rapunzels refused to let down their hair,
Satisfied to watch the tired and hungry


Sheltered field of pleasant green
The susurrus of distant wind,

Nature gossips
Protests at intrusion,


Faceless streets close in around, as corridors seem to stretch into infinity,
A burst of adrenaline and the heart seems to beat irregularly a small bird
Desperate to escape the cage. The flight of logic begins as images blur into
Chaotic thoughts.-

The Lost Boy's

Urban concrete jungle
In the twilight hours
This is where the lost boys are.

Lord Of The Hill

Changing weather
That is the best description of Irish weather.

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Amos Greig 11 February 2018

I wrote the poem in 2010 the poem is about the price of the human condition in a world where industry reduces us to commodities.

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julie preston 10 February 2018

when did you write this poem? And am I right in saying that the industrial revolution and its cost is at its core?

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