Anandita Bhalerao

Rookie (3rd August,1997)

Anandita Bhalerao Poems

1. Monster Mountain 8/22/2008
2. Anne The Great 1/1/2009
3. The Moustache, The Boy, The Wardrobe 1/1/2009
4. When The Time Comes... 1/1/2009
5. Summer 1/1/2009
6. Happy New Year To You Too! 1/21/2009
7. Poems 1/21/2009
8. Turkey 5/20/2009
9. Alone I Stand 8/22/2008
10. Questions To God 8/29/2009
11. Pollution Out Of My Window 10/16/2010
12. A Long Wait......And I'M Back! 10/16/2010
13. Wings Of Success 8/22/2008
14. When I Am An Adult 7/27/2008
15. It’s My Birthday 8/29/2009
16. Did You Know? 7/25/2008
17. A Monster In My Shoe 6/17/2009
18. My Naughty Brother 7/27/2008
19. Happy 8/29/2009
20. Indus Valley Civilization 8/29/2009
Best Poem of Anandita Bhalerao

Indus Valley Civilization

Indus Valley Civilization I wish you were here,
I wish I could have been alive at that time,
To see the river Indus still without a stir.

Belonging to the Chalcolithic Age,
You left no traces of iron behind,
Learning about you is a lot of fun,
And there are few of your kind.

I salute to the highly civilized people, who lived there back then,
It is great how you had equal rights for men and women.

Your cities were very well planned,
How you got such amazing skill I wish to understand.

Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses were your ...

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Alone I Stand

Alone I stand on a cold rainy day,
Nothing to eat, nowhere to stay.

Alone I stand on a cold rainy day,
But I will keep fighting, come what may.

Alone I stand on a cold rainy day,
I know I will see success in some or the other way.

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