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Ananta Madhavan Poems

121. Scarred But Not Scared 12/3/2014
122. His Three Word Reticence 12/3/2014
123. Our Worlds 12/8/2014
124. A Poem To End The Year 12/31/2014
125. Symbol Forests 2/1/2015
126. Vincent Convinced Me 2/3/2015
127. Growing 3/3/2015
128. When Nature Ran, Scheduled To Plan 3/24/2015
129. On The Slopes 3/28/2015
130. Not The End. A Fancy 3/29/2015
131. Algeria,1962, Just Prior To Independence 3/27/2015
132. Unpossessed 4/1/2015
133. Platonics 4/3/2015
134. ‘looks Familiar, But’ 4/9/2015
135. Now Or Whenever, Triolet Refrain 4/11/2015
136. For You 4/24/2015
137. Rhymester 5/4/2015
138. Morning Walk 8/11/2015
139. Lizard Proportion 8/12/2015
140. Games And Rules 8/12/2015
141. Dulwich Art Gallery 8/25/2015
142. Singular Identity Or Plural Enigmas 9/6/2015
143. Impresario 9/23/2015
144. A Haiku Sparse Enough And Assonance 9/25/2015
145. Reading A Writer’s Artifice 10/1/2015
146. The World For You 10/13/2015
147. Seven By Three 10/18/2015
148. Paragons And Partisans: An Indian Feud 11/2/2015
149. Solid Or Misty, Change And Constancy 6/21/2015
150. Later 7/6/2015
151. Poems For Incantation, Rumination 11/28/2015
152. Praise For Woman’s Courage In Suburbia 12/8/2015
153. The Shrine 12/29/2015
154. Living By Stewardship 1/2/2016
155. Mirror, Neither Mural Nor Moral 1/8/2016
156. Haiku On Age 1/15/2016
157. Morning Star 1/15/2016
158. Eye-Liner, 'i'-Liner 1/15/2016
159. A Tracery Of Cloudlets 1/27/2016
160. Exile 2/3/2016

Comments about Ananta Madhavan

  • A. Madhavan (7/19/2018 1:30:00 AM)

    I have been an occasional contributor to PH, and would welcome comments
    from readers who agree with me or dissent. Now in my mid-eighties, I cannot
    retire from the world and its profuse signals - of both assent and dissent; but
    mostly, 'just pass on'. There is no 'aadi', no 'antha'. Existence is the essence
    of the Present Continuous Tense: the Everlasting 'Now'. Enjoy or Endure.. Best.

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  • Nivy Sochi Nivy Sochi (10/5/2017 3:16:00 AM)

    Your energy is uplifting, dear beautiful mind. Carrying everything in style, attentive to details, gracious and considerate, your presence is simply comforting.
    Thanks for being you. A joy to connect...

  • Valsa George Valsa George (10/15/2014 8:17:00 AM)

    I enjoyed the opening stanza.... So realistic! When there is only faint light one feels the rotund chair tops and the hulk of the table while proceeding to the balcony.... The mist covered sky being compared to a white washed canvas is a great image and the hills and trees slowly emerging from cover is beautiful!

    That obscuring veil of mist becomes
    A diaphanous gauze of translucence,
    Asserting hill-crest and hill-rock
    Along my trans-urban horizon.

    A picturesque description of the scenery watched through a diaphanous gauze of mist!

Best Poem of Ananta Madhavan

'Did I Ever Exist? '

I am not sure I ever lived, except in this imagined space,
This concoction of words that perhaps make a little sense
To a kindly heart like yours.

If I was never born,
I never died. Was I immortal
Without ever being me, a person with a body, mind and soul,
Like you, but different, a unique variant?

I am no freak, no fiction, once I was a fact,
If Time can be trusted, solar or cosmic.
My tale is sad and simple. Mother's womb
Was all the world I ever knew
Before I grew to be a person,
Rather than a form of words, your words, this ...

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Nature Lies

Moth on bark or parakeet on bough,
Seeming other than they are,
Teach us that nature loves deceit;
Yet priggish man exalts the truth,
Being then most seeming in his
Moral camouflage.

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