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'Did I Ever Exist? '

I am not sure I ever lived, except in this imagined space,
This concoction of words that perhaps make a little sense
To a kindly heart like yours.

A Day Is Long Enough To Ruminate

A day is long enough to make
Some room for rumination,
Even when waiting in a queue
To join the right queue or browse

Order Out Of Chaos

Panting up the slopes
With the wind brewing in the trees,
And the mountain line like a row
Of aged teeth decaying,

A Song Of Waiting

I rose at six O'clock
And hastened to Chepauk
To wait and see a Test Match, but rain began to fall.
I tried to hasten back;

Small Poems And Echoes

A poet among us,
Moved by the sunset,
Sees in his fancy

Ananta Madhavan Quotes

18 January 2015

'All truths are partial and the last, the most.'

08 February 2015

'Today is the Tomorrow of Yesterday And the Yesterday of Tomorrow'.

10 February 2015

1. 'It is not we who catch up with age; It is old age that catches up with us', As the over-taker said to the undertaker. 2. 'Middle age is when you are old enough to to envy youth, but not too old to stop caring about the loss of youth.' 3. 'One consolation of middle age is to watch the parallel of ageing of contemporaries'.

12 February 2015

A Zen Quibble. There is no point in this Zen story. That is the point.

19 February 2015

'I am securely anchored to a grooved Orbit of days and seasons; I shall hold Fast to my functions, my place in the sun, Observer, object, subject, substitute For the vanishing void in the centre.'

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pavan 05 January 2019

nice djbekyiunsftmiu5

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A. Madhavan 19 July 2018

I have been an occasional contributor to PH, and would welcome comments from readers who agree with me or dissent. Now in my mid-eighties, I cannot retire from the world and its profuse signals - of both assent and dissent; but mostly, 'just pass on'. There is no 'aadi', no 'antha'. Existence is the essence of the Present Continuous Tense: the Everlasting 'Now'. Enjoy or Endure.. Best.

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Sochukwu Ivye 05 October 2017

Your energy is uplifting, dear beautiful mind. Carrying everything in style, attentive to details, gracious and considerate, your presence is simply comforting. Thanks for being you. A joy to connect...

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Valsa George 15 October 2014

I enjoyed the opening stanza.... So realistic! When there is only faint light one feels the rotund chair tops and the hulk of the table while proceeding to the balcony.... The mist covered sky being compared to a white washed canvas is a great image and the hills and trees slowly emerging from cover is beautiful! That obscuring veil of mist becomes A diaphanous gauze of translucence, Asserting hill-crest and hill-rock Along my trans-urban horizon. A picturesque description of the scenery watched through a diaphanous gauze of mist!

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