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You're kidding me,
He's in love with her?

yes it is true
wat the counselor

im sorry
i hurt you
im sorry
i lied


i have cotained myself
in this tiny

the people you can
depend on.
the ones who were

i watched her.
with her.

my new love

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hello, my name is really cherell, but i prefer the name anastasia.i'm 16 years old today(march 3rd) .i love music and writing. pretty soon I'll be writing my first one act play. i hope it'll come out alright. anyways i love constructive criticism. well, really all criticism.)

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That Girl

You're kidding me,
He's in love with her?


She was such a teacher's pet in 3rd grade.
someone made a rumor
that her dad was raping her...

4th grade; are you kidding me?
she had no friends...

And 5th grade, ugh, please!
she smelled, she looked a mess,
and everyone picked on her...

6th grade she hung out with
a bunch of white kids.
she didn't even talk to any black people...

7th grade she went all emo...

This girl, who was supposed
to be her friend,
told on her in 8th grade...

She is so ugly! why would
any guy ever like her?

and Oh My Gosh,
would you believe
that that girl...

was me...

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Anastasia Rose Popularity

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