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I worry about you-

I would travel to the places
that haven’t changed with the
scars (passage) of time,
if I could see with clarity

Isn’t it sad that antiseptic words
(Words that smile slightly, even)
Can become all that is left
(As a jaded memory: maybe?)

when I was young and
advice I heard
I was told many a thing
that those words cured

random papers
(my arian monkey, congo)
scrutiny into the lives of corporation Y
(the odd phone text that make me smile)

stay awhile
there is much to say
even if it is
only in silent words

do you know
that i see you
be in purple haze
that mists around perfect

i see you standing there
in an old metro station
'red shoes for the weekend' you said
'ah' was all I said

You asked me if I was sorry
And I looked far away
Too many words have been spoken
And there is not one more for me to say

my calendar shows only
dangerous hours kept:
(we charge by the hour you see)

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Worry- By Wendy Cope

I worry about you-
So long since we spoke.
Love, are you downhearted,
Dispirited, broke?
I worry about you.
I can't sleep at night.
Are you sad? Are you lonely?
Or are you all right?
They say that men suffer,
As badly, as long.
I worry, I worry,
In case they are wrong.

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