Anatoly Kudryavitsky

Anatoly Kudryavitsky Poems

1. Pseudoaluminium And The Big Plans 5/25/2013
2. Bunin: Portrait With The Person Missing 5/25/2013
3. Lost In The Flow Of Time 6/25/2015
4. The Shooting Down Of Mh17 7/17/2015
5. The Ninth Count Of Monte Cristo 10/29/2017
6. A Tune For Theremin Vox 10/29/2017
7. The Headless Horseman 10/29/2017
8. Viking Breath 10/29/2017
9. A Little Extra Challenge 10/29/2017
10. Visual Art 10/29/2017
11. The Current Balance 10/29/2017
12. The Way Of The Wings 10/29/2017
13. Of Things Lethean 10/29/2017
14. De Cavea 10/29/2017
15. Judas 10/29/2017
16. Sarajevo Music 10/29/2017
17. Monday News 10/29/2017
18. Unknown Item In The Bagging Area 10/29/2017
19. Involuntary Sculpture 10/29/2017
20. Poem For Ciaran O'driscoll 12/20/2017
21. Hans Bellmer's Dolls 12/20/2017
22. Violin 12/20/2017
23. Grandeur Way 12/20/2017
24. The Mother Of All Parades 5/25/2013

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Best Poem of Anatoly Kudryavitsky

The Mother Of All Parades

As the empire exhales the dust of its former glory, you merge into a vast mutual body with multiple pebble heads. Cigarette smoke searches pockets and lungs.
If you doze off now, you'll see skeletons marching past through Red Square and rockets watching them closely from the rostra.
When you open your eyes again, festivities will go on. You'll still have a chance to observe the huge inflated faces rising into the air.

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Viking Breath

How does it feel to be the Cultural Attaché
for the North Pole, the ice
of the voiceless?
No encyclopaedia will give you shelter.
As life drifts by, the waters ache
and pallid faces pore out from every porthole.

Winter is inside us, it's tasty
like a sea onion.

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