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We cut our fingers
Let blood leak
Just so we could make a heart
And call it our bloody art

She's been thru hell and back
Little girl filled with love in her has died
So now she mourns her dressed in black

Upon the mountain, upon the hills
Where the grass is ever so green
Is a pile of yellow daffodils
Where sun shines so bright

You said you love me
But I know that you don't
You put her above me
But me, you never won't

Under the syringa tree
Is where you said you love me
Where you promised me the world
You promised you'd never leave

Old tales, told among those who believe
Legends, spoke those who have seen with their own eyes
Old stories, told kids before they go to sleep
While pirates cruise the sea, in waters deep

It's not fair, everything I say, you don't hear
You cover me, don't seem to even care
You do not support me, my dreams, wishes
You say it's absurd

This is a story
That I tell to my heart before I fall asleep
At the end of the day it makes me happy
I tell it 'till I fall in deep

Her hair like sunset looks
Soul is like open books
Her eyes hold this strong flame
When she looks at you, she takes her aim

I see you afar
As I drag my fingers across my guitar
I uprise my head
I behold at the sky

All of those pretty lights
Who keep me up at cold nights
Saving me from the darkness
I'm always gonna be surrounded by darkness


You know that feeling when you get sudden inspiration to write?
Well I get those a lot
And each time I want to write something like poems, usually
And it's just like in a blink

Is this the beginning of hell again
The one I went thru last year
Or is it that, that problems follow me
Everyday they are even more near

I started to cry
But no tear escaped my eye
I started to shake
Felt like my heart's gonna break

She's beauty she's grace
When I see her it's written love all over my face
She's lovely she's devine
When I'm with her I don't know what's waiting down the line

Red blood
Blue veins
White shirt
Mascara and tears stains

There is heartache in me
A pressure in my chest
Like I'm missing something I never even had
There's a feeling I want to feel but can't

You are so beautiful
But you burn my eyes
On sunny days you give me warmth
On others the love dies

We are growing older
And nights are getting colder
So let me put my head on your shoulder

Person 1:

Here we met
Shy and young

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Red Fingerprints

We cut our fingers
Let blood leak
Just so we could make a heart
And call it our bloody art
Out of our fingerprints
Without a cry or words to speak

Then we joined our hands
Intertwined our bloody fingers
Now we are reunited
We are one
Some would say this is wrong or it's sacrifice
And if it is sacrifice then I'm happy to sacrifice myself to him

I know I found the one
I finally found a chance to live and love While we're getting closer to dawn
With each minute I feel like this were all dreams
I'll wake up with you not next to me
All of warm sun beams
Shining from you will disappear
For ever more i won't hear
Your voice and feel your breath near my ear

If I could I'd cut in half my chest
So the light will shine you the path to my heart
I'd reach my arms to guide you to me
Thru this dark world into me
So you'd make me warm
So I'd keep you close all the time
While holding onto your arm

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