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My head beats at this realization.
i, a victim of dictatorship
created by the society i constitute.
my mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters

Just like today, is yesterday.
i still see the sun as it walked away,
the wind still slaps my face,
promise still under rug.

Yes we all see
But believe what we will,
For all that we have
little we may accept.

again and again, my heart breaks.
as memories flash, my heart aches.
the pain only grew worse
to God alone is known,

Black and white is all that you are
Among many beautiful colors that there are
Blue, green, yellow and red
And all the colors of which you have read

In our live mistakes are a daily threat
Inevitable as the scourge of death
Those words you speak arise from your breath
The after thought seldom yields regret


There was once a man named john
His wife was called the don
By those whose advice she had turned down
Her voice was as loud as a Dane gun

Behold the stare in thy eyes
Beautiful as roses spread out for miles
Undermine the beauty of butterflies
A glow over thy face as fire flies

Nigeria my country
Drowning in a pool of her blood
Spilled by her children
Nigeria, my country

Greed, it could not be need?
That fires our desire to feed
On the fruits and into the seed

Before my constant sleep
I believe I knew
My left from my right
What was right and what was left

Even dawn does not clear the confusion
It goes to the stream to fetch fire
The truth almost an illusion
Seen by the dreamy eyes

You are beautiful I know
And I know that you know
And I know you have been told
By thousands or so

Was it not for you, I would have lied.
For so close we were tied
When I say this, know that I cried.
If trust ever stood so tall

When the going gets tough
And the see gets rough
When in the middle of people who have had enough
You find yourself

It was expected that I be this and be that
That I be him or I be her
That I be here or I be there
It was expected of me

They went trough the forest to find him
As soon as it was known
Of the evil he had done
It became clear

Look, those little blocks
From which grew those little huts
Where made from little grains of sand
Though block greater than sand

I looked beyond her face and saw beauty
She was tall she was black
I thought she was twenty
I looked into her eyes and saw a home purity

Let these words of mine speak of me
Even as they speak
Of what they do speak
For they are written in a language

Andrew Ahile Biography

Ahile Andrew Kwaghdoo also 'Ahile Kashami Ahile' 3rd born of a family of four, is Tiv by tribe and Nigerian by blood.He was born in Ugbokolo, Benue state of Nigeria in the year 1987, He attended Benue State University Staff Primary school Makurdi, Proceeded to Mount Saint Gabriel's Secondary School Makurdi and there after obtained a bachelor of science degree at university of Agriculture Makurdi. He is a lover of culture, arts, people, music, politics and poetry.A dedicated advocate of child Education, Good governance, social justice, political literacy, unity and peace.)

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Not Me

My head beats at this realization.
i, a victim of dictatorship
created by the society i constitute.
my mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters
uncles and aunt
and those i hold true
whose conduct now confuse me,
plunge me deeper into darkness,
deeper into the pit of ignorance,
ignorance of the very soul that makes me
driven by desires unconsciously sown in me.
soon to rob me of my heritage,
steal me from my religion
that stole my belief,
that stole my faith,
i don't know this road i now travel,
this shadows i now follow.
am not what i am
or who i am,
i am who i seem to be,
not me.

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