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Ahile Andrew Kwaghdoo also 'Ahile Kashami Ahile' 3rd born of a family of four, is Tiv by tribe and Nigerian by blood.He was born in Ugbokolo, Benue state of Nigeria in the year 1987, He attended Benue State University Staff Primary school Makurdi, Proceeded to Mount Saint Gabriel's Secondary School Makurdi and there after obtained a bachelor of sci ...

Andrew Ahile Poems

Not Me

My head beats at this realization.
i, a victim of dictatorship
created by the society i constitute.
my mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters

Today Is Yesterday

Just like today, is yesterday.
i still see the sun as it walked away,
the wind still slaps my face,
promise still under rug.

Before We Drown

Yes we all see
But believe what we will,
For all that we have
little we may accept.

Michael Najime Ahile.

again and again, my heart breaks.
as memories flash, my heart aches.
the pain only grew worse
to God alone is known,

All That You Are

Black and white is all that you are
Among many beautiful colors that there are
Blue, green, yellow and red
And all the colors of which you have read

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