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The Pomegranate

I have seen the things they call beautiful,
And I have held it in my hands.
For what we have seen here,
Falls short on supply, but has demand.

When You Go Anywhere

An early phone call had awoken me. I felt suddenly wired from my deep sleep, and especially more seeing as who it was. She said, “I’m leaving now.”

It’s funny how you almost don’t really believe anything big will happen until it does. Life always seems to be mostly talk. Your wedding will come, it’s true. You’ll find your love, and then have children.

...And Pitched It

In such a mutual transgression of frustrating events, we went our separate ways.

Always shaking hands and giving the kiss on our cheek.

Sunrise, My Lover

How is it that the morning air is better than the rest of the day?
It seems so much sweeter and it fills my senses with a feeling of being complete and inspired.

My love, the Sun, she awaits my arrival to greet her and I believe that this air is warning me of the love and distance we should keep.

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