Andrew David Dalby

Rookie - -5 Points [Alphadog1] (17th Of March 1967 / Brighton East Sussex United kingdom)

Andrew David Dalby Poems

1. The Lake 3/21/2013
2. Ode To Venus 3/21/2013
3. Caught Between The Whisper And The Muse 3/21/2013
4. The Rain 3/21/2013
5. Sitting On My Fathers Shoulders 3/21/2013
6. All Women Are Her 3/21/2013
7. The Muses 3/21/2013
8. I Stand Here And Go No Further 3/21/2013
9. Fledgling 3/21/2013
10. To See Her Fly 3/21/2013
11. The Swan 3/21/2013
12. Freshwater Bay 3/21/2013
13. His Perfect Kiss 3/21/2013
14. Poem Written On A Bus 3/21/2013
15. This Room Is Filled With You 3/21/2013
16. The Kiss 3/21/2013
17. Her Eyes 3/21/2013
18. Bottom Knockers 3/21/2013
19. A Psalm Of Love 3/21/2013
20. Spent 3/21/2013
21. It 3/21/2013
22. Thoughts On A Train Ride 3/21/2013
23. Mistletoe Wishes 3/21/2013
24. Fingerhooks 3/21/2013
25. Absolom 3/21/2013
26. The Song Of Trees 3/21/2013
27. How I Hate To Say This, I Leave Here Very Well 3/21/2013
28. This Entreaty Is Mine 3/21/2013
29. Thoughts Upon The Shore 3/21/2013
30. The Deer 3/21/2013
31. Reborn 3/21/2013
32. Its Now: Nevermore 3/21/2013
33. Tonight 3/21/2013
34. Wolfsbane 3/21/2013
35. Giddy Wonder From A Near Slumber 3/24/2013
36. Forever 3/29/2013
37. Dead Weight. 3/21/2013
38. Shard 3/21/2013
39. Spirit Dream Erupts 3/21/2013
40. The Bobtail 3/21/2013
Best Poem of Andrew David Dalby

The Deer.

The Deer
The heavy scent of pine, oak, birch and hyssop,
Spins like secret sacred garlands within the breeze;
It twists high and then low, among the boughs of trees
that stand on the damp and musky eternal bridal road,
That leads to the town of Cassis under a celeste sky.
Its here: with a new pondering of delicate deliberation,
I see her deftly pad through twilight s last embrace.
Her feet -penetrating- the rich, dark, deep-damp soil,
That is full of the heavy scent of a rising re-birth;
where even time is held in her shy and rising ...

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All Women Are Her

The cruelty of men placed her within a barbed wire cage
But oh how strong she stood, so bold and so very brave
For she guards her spirit from the black hooked talon's,
And a dark murder that longs to scythe the night apart.

The men bitterly mocked her, as they cruelly fought her,
They placed a gnarled rope around her proud noble neck,
And she took what they gave her, and faced her monster,
As the cruel brothers she knew just stole her spirit away.

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