Andrew David Dalby

Rookie - -5 Points [Alphadog1] (17th Of March 1967 / Brighton East Sussex United kingdom)

Andrew David Dalby Poems

1. The Lake 3/21/2013
2. Ode To Venus 3/21/2013
3. Caught Between The Whisper And The Muse 3/21/2013
4. The Rain 3/21/2013
5. Sitting On My Fathers Shoulders 3/21/2013
6. All Women Are Her 3/21/2013
7. The Muses 3/21/2013
8. I Stand Here And Go No Further 3/21/2013
9. Fledgling 3/21/2013
10. To See Her Fly 3/21/2013
11. The Swan 3/21/2013
12. Freshwater Bay 3/21/2013
13. His Perfect Kiss 3/21/2013
14. Poem Written On A Bus 3/21/2013
15. This Room Is Filled With You 3/21/2013
16. The Kiss 3/21/2013
17. Her Eyes 3/21/2013
18. Bottom Knockers 3/21/2013
19. A Psalm Of Love 3/21/2013
20. Spent 3/21/2013
21. It 3/21/2013
22. Thoughts On A Train Ride 3/21/2013
23. Mistletoe Wishes 3/21/2013
24. Fingerhooks 3/21/2013
25. Absolom 3/21/2013
26. The Song Of Trees 3/21/2013
27. How I Hate To Say This, I Leave Here Very Well 3/21/2013
28. This Entreaty Is Mine 3/21/2013
29. Thoughts Upon The Shore 3/21/2013
30. The Deer 3/21/2013
31. Reborn 3/21/2013
32. Its Now: Nevermore 3/21/2013
33. Tonight 3/21/2013
34. Wolfsbane 3/21/2013
35. Giddy Wonder From A Near Slumber 3/24/2013
36. Forever 3/29/2013
37. The Green Man 8/24/2013
38. Triolet: From The Park 8/28/2013
39. Apple 9/6/2013
40. The Man Who Strolled Into The Sea. 9/11/2013

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Best Poem of Andrew David Dalby

Carpe Viam Carpe Diem

Come on! seize that hard fought road!
That steady stained and chiselled path,
Scratched out from our chalk filled thoughts
Which touches on our naked dreams.
For it is the here, and that ever now
That desperately pleads to be run upon.
So Let us run!
Run with all our bloody heart's desire
and all our open worth;
Before times iron scythe slips
and casts its cold lot against us.
For the day is not as young,
with an ever eager pumping breast,
It tends to wander without rest.

Come on! let us seize this day!
For destiny is on the horizon, ...

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All Women Are Her

The cruelty of men placed her within a barbed wire cage
But oh how strong she stood, so bold and so very brave
For she guards her spirit from the black hooked talon's,
And a dark murder that longs to scythe the night apart.

The men bitterly mocked her, as they cruelly fought her,
They placed a gnarled rope around her proud noble neck,
And she took what they gave her, and faced her monster,
As the cruel brothers she knew just stole her spirit away.

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