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When I think of all I've ever wanted to do
It all comes back to you,
Whom I've loved.

Angel, you’re
Careless and

I flew above a

The Chameleon blinked as he entered the stage
(A popular act for an insecure age)
They applauded him on from the roof to the floor
(a recent review had been almost a page) .

In a dream
I met you again
And wished so deeply
I could get to know you

Echoes of the defter lute
From far away
(As through

The clock’s renown
Draws crowds
Into the old town’s

Sixty Years ago
The best and worst
Machine of death
The world has known

You want to write a world
& one will be:
Smaller than a twinkle

As Fortune comes
& Fortunes goes

Each peoples

There was a family on my bus
I thought they came from Russia
Or Moscow
And I thought

We who know
the magic silence of the night
as half embraced by sleep
we slip inside the timelessness

The window
Heart of England
Judges to the

Those who understand their gardens cannot be hurried
They understand the time

Theirs is a will



I love you

i made
a call


the folks that stand
along Szépvölgy út.
on Saturday

Upon the cloth a single petal lay
Full red like blood
As early sun arose to draw the day
Skies white as late spring can

It’s fair to say
I loved you more
when I believed your words
I will not call them lies

My true love
had a silver hair
all sprung
amidst her raven

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When I think of all I've ever wanted to do
It all comes back to you,
Whom I've loved.

Where years could pass in a look -
a hand -
a view -

To be over
Too soon

All secret
In an afternoon.

One waiting second:
Hour’s disappointment.

What can you say,
To we who were together for one day?

An afternoon was longer in your arm around my waist
and your breath cold wreathing about my face
and your eyes love.

These I have missed so much.

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Stephen Saul 24 February 2005

Greetings, Andrew! I'm not sure my last comment posted. Here goes again: I like to correspond with poets I like. I like your work, especially 'Aftermath.' Your work has a certain mood I'm attracted to in poetry. I'd like to add your email address to my list. I currently correspond with poets Edward Carvalho; Vernon Frazer; Ulrike Gerbig; Law H. Fisher; William Taylor, Jr.; and Joyce Lazarus. You can learn more about me at my website: My Email address is And I have work posted on Truly, Stephen Saul

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