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Choral and Instrumental Conductor, Music Educator and Boychoir Director. Literary efforts include short stories and poetry. Reside in San Francisco Bay Area.

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Bursting Down Broadway Blazing With Mozart

bursting down broadway blazing with mozart
the paramount tosses out onto lacquered pavement
bundled parcels under deco neon
(mozart forty-one tonight! etc. etc. etc.)

clouds withdraw from canopied skies: a curtain for the stage:
the tangled web of heaven
bearing the spent orb of earth

serpentine slither whines
in subterranean link
securing others’ far away to less away than broadway

doorways, jambways, chainways,
sleeping rags in bagways
iron-on gates in storeways
bedrooms cardboard rollaways
empty socket eyeways
darkened castoff lumpaways

broad portal, boulevard, wide avenue,
the burial site, grave, coffin, never cocoon
(cocoons need spring)
canopied skies pour solvents- the respite cleansing
like the rough grip of sandpaper number two
sweeping the living decay from one end to the other and back again
and the occasional mozart blazing away

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Andrew James Popularity

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