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I'm a fourteen year old guy who lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The three things that I wake up for in the morning are music, my writing, and my faith. You take one away from me, and you'll be wishing you hadn't. I'm a nice guy at heart, so if there's anything you really want to know or just want to... get to know me, just send me a message and we'll see what happens.

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Snow drifts down,

beneath my feet.

I catch a snowflake,

and look at it.

Unique I say.

It melts.

It is like me,

like no other.

I look around,

and see all the snow.

Will I find the snowflake for me?

I think I may,

I think I might,

have found her this lonely night.

Could I love her?

Is she the one?

Or will I find someone else?

She keeps entering,

my blockaded brain,

for I am now strict with love,

and will never fall for it's game.

What should I do?

She is...



gorgeous if I may.



and running through my mind.


a true friend,

and perfect,

in so many ways.


and understanding.

She treats everyone like me,

I treat everyone the same.

Except a select few,

and this includes her.

What should I do?

The worst is the worst,

I open my heart,

and I am rejected,

and it will burn,

once again.

Yet if i look into the light,

there are more if she might,

take up my chance,

and we shall dance,

beneath the moon and stars,

like time has no meaning,

in our little world.

I will see her as the world,

and I revolve around her,

an Ice Queen,

the snowflake for me.

Yet I,

am the King of Fire,


am the Ambassador of Ice,


am the Prince of Darkness,


am the Servent of the Light.


am too much to bear.

I can be firey and aggressive,

or cool and collected.

Mellow and evil,

full of hatred and de-redemption.

I can be,

her Guardian Angel.

Protect her day and night,

win every fight,

if not for her love,

then to keep the Dark Prince satisfied.

I am envious,

of the man,

the man she adores,

for he is not me,

not me I roar.

I am so much,

yet people do not see,

the many,


different sides of me.

Maybe one has.

One saw,

the King of Fire,

the Ambassador of Ice,

the Prince of Darkness,

the Servent of the Light.

I search,

day and night,

for ways to get her,

to love me.


Not her.


the one who broke my heart.

Who set it to flames.

But the one,

running through my mind,

the snowflake,

I hope,

is mine.

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Andrew John Morra Popularity

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