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1. Until The Water Rests 7/26/2012
2. Bells Ring 7/31/2012
3. Auto Humor: Gum Here After All 8/1/2012
4. A Quote: Bookmark 8/1/2012
5. Tinker Bell Tinker Bell Tink! (-; Auto - Humor; -) 8/3/2012
6. Evolution: Existence 8/3/2012
7. Prose: A Timeless One 8/3/2012
8. Thought For It To Last 8/3/2012
9. Stop Sign Invitation 8/5/2012
10. The Shape Of Your Wonder 8/5/2012
11. Clay Figurines 8/18/2012
12. On A Cloudless Day Even 8/18/2012
13. A Simple Joy: In A Chance Balance 8/19/2012
14. Pie Tree(Seriously) 8/19/2012
15. Untitled 8/22/2012
16. Untiltled V3 8/22/2012
17. Sulking Gull 8/31/2012
18. A Windy Name 9/4/2012
19. All I Am Is A Part Of That 9/23/2012
20. He, He Is She 9/30/2012
21. Wonderdoor 10/12/2012
22. A Harpers Tune 10/13/2012
23. From The Summers Sun 10/14/2012
24. Patient Hope 10/14/2012
25. Mark My Words 10/14/2012
26. Only Birds And Clouds On The Horizon There. 10/17/2012
27. A Scent Reflection 12/11/2012
28. Posted In Memoriam Of Michael - Rising Early By Li Shang-Yin 4/26/2013
29. No Dream Is Irrelevant 5/12/2013
30. 6/04/13(One Year Later - More Than Better, Lighter) 6/5/2013
31. The Black And White Monarch Of The Everglades 6/17/2013
32. Cactus Meadows 6/17/2013
33. He Probably Didnt Even Notice Me, And For That I Am Grateful 7/1/2013
34. Crimson Running Bird (Autohumor) 7/9/2013
35. Feathers & Petals At Ease On The Wind: A Silent Surrender To Love 7/13/2013
36. Sleeping Sound: Lyrics 7/14/2013
37. Chu Shu-Chen - Feelings On An Autumn Night, Iv 9/5/2013
38. P'Ei I-Chin - At The Banquet Taking Leave Of Registar Chang At Night 9/14/2013
39. Pulp Fission 9/22/2013
40. Vision (Auto-Write 09-08-2012) 9/22/2013

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Night Sky Lullaby

Crescent Moon arching;
pacing a summers night sky lullaby,
gathering distant sunbeams.

All time is second guessed,
here within your luminous tawny lace.

Caught like a web; you amongst I?
Waiting to shimmer within your presence.

My faith as your vessel; for myself no release.
Only imagining of whats more, chasing your cascading ever-essence.

And for that
I wait to dream.

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Like A Rosebud

Like a rosebud, life grows in predictable measures, it is ever expansive into every sense so the nature of its beauty goes unseen, in, 'normal' life

Once this marvel is noted, what then was an individuals reality begins to take new form, and does spread into its environment, causing the same response in those it reaches, until

The are petals are in the wind, at last, un known to each other again

Yet all the while, a new shoot was growing from a branches stem.

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