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Free me Lord, from the whips and chains that bind my soul. Free me Lord so that I may walk with you down the streets of Gold. Free me Lord so that I stand big and bold. Free me Lord, Free my soul.
Free me Lord so that I can lead the lost to you. Free me Lord so that I may testify to the world about what you have brought me through.
Free me Lord to allow me to be more like you. Free me Lord, Free my soul show me that you have all control.
I thank you Lord for now I see that you indeed already freed me, with each lash of the whip, and every thorn to your brow, every nail that was hammered, and every harsh word that was spoken the binding of my soul you have already broken.

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My Child

My child, my child, you refuse to open your mind. My child, my child, your brilliance you must find. Lead you by the hand I can and have, now you must stand on your on behalf. My child, my child, does the love I have for you not show.
My child, my child, I'll be there every step to help you grow. I know that you hurt and that you have pain, but you must realize we all from time to time have to walk through the rain. My child, my child, don't you dare give up now, my child, my child, be strong like the oxen pulling the plow.
It's not just me there by your side, for God is there a love that will not hide yet forever be there to be your guide. My child, my child, when things get hard get down on your knees and call on the Lord. My child, my child, he's there you see not just for you, but also for me. Jesus, Jesus, I give you my child, keep him forever not just a little while!

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