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A sin I call it
Ungratefulness I define it
Wickedness I believe it is

Wake up!
You still sin.

Love scares my soul,
So my soul runs from it.
Barely did I know;

Cleanliness redefined,
Holy road I tread,
Roving to chastity,

The journey has been quite long;
Battles and challenges I have fought;
Disappointments I encountered yet strong;
Wearing the garment of triumph that I bought;

A dream I dream everyday;
A dream I conceive all-day;
A dream I believe strongly;
That I can achieve definitely.

Mother I call you;
Not just because you borne me.
But because,
My tears you wipe,

Life comes with its price;
Your choice has its offer.
We wish for the best;
We live to achieve our quest;

A mother-a child’s heartbeat;
An embodiment of care,
A chamber of wisdom,
A human worth celebrating.

I wish to grow up,
As a man free from pain and agony,
A human endowed in the company
Of peace and everlasting harmony.


Power within,
Look deep inside you.
It lies beneath your soul.
That desire to possess and use power.

Telling the world how I feel;
Night has fallen.
Bright is the full moon.
Anxiety kidnaps my heart.

I often begin as an underdog;
Yet always end at the top.
Because all eyes,
Both evil and good are off me.

Why worry?
You pretend to smile
You hide to cry
Seek the face of God

A Pleasing moment,
Being before my maker.
Low I lie,
Rolling on the ground,

Imagery created behind my mind;
That which makes me wonder.
I remembered when i saw you;
As i was astonished to see beauty.

We win that we deem deserving,
We lose that battle in cold blood,
With tears of agony,
Ebbing down our cheeks.

That ordinary day,
Busy as everyday;
Sunny, as the sun scorch tender skins,
Horning vehicles and pitching voices.

Awake I am.
The clock on the wall,
I critically observe.
It tells me it's noon.

Long ago,
My heart bled,
Consistently from breaks,
Flooded with tears,

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an electrical engineering student who enjoys reading and writing.

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Realistic Truth

A sin I call it
Ungratefulness I define it
Wickedness I believe it is
When feelings are not voiced out

Truth-like light on a hill
Can never be hidden
Far or near it shall be noticed

A truth rolling on my tongue
The truth of how blessed I am
In my heart lies a mistress
Calm, neat and pretty
An incarnation of wisdom

I fear not to fall
Because with you I stand tall
Since you possess my all in all

Your beautiful heart
Forever I shall nurse
Preventing it from pains and breaks
Protecting it with love and attention

I speak not words
But words with actions
Actions to support your dreams
Dreams to follow your passion
A passion to fly

Exile my heart shall be sent
Slavery I shall be placed
But free is my soul
As I spit out my thoughts.

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leadership follows the deserving heart whether willing or not like flies on honey.

some were born with silver spoons but i was born with a golden pen in the land of the scribes.

make the enemy king by crowning him with love and he shall be your servant of peace.

'right now they say you are not worthy of them, worry not but work your ass hard and be better so success makes them follow you like flies on honey'

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