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Poem Of The Heart

1 The loud voice that stab me from my deep slumber just in time to save me.
2 I hear the thinking of the clock, lying in the dark with the memory castigating my soul.
3 I have been stucked in thisvicious circle, trying and falling into the wilderness of my burning tears through the inner most me.
4 blinded with tears and sorrow from my heartbreak which I couldn't see a path for my light to shine feeling like an old pregnant nun looking around with less privelage filled with so much regret.


poem of the heart
Light travel faster than sound
In a flinch of a second, in a twinkile
Of an eye

Reality Of Life

poem of the heart
Life is tough,
It is roughand also short.
Born to fight but for life its war.


poem of the heart
There is a place of peace
There is a place of joy
A place away from loneliness

Calm Mind

poem of the heart
Give peace, not war
show kindness, not hate
Have love not jealousy

Came To My Life

poem of the heart

You came to my life in such amazing way and babe believe me it or not it was planned this way some where in the sky.
My eyes are alive

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