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1. Thanksgiving Is Here 11/22/2012
2. Love Comes From God 11/22/2012
3. I Have Come 11/23/2012
4. You Are 11/23/2012
5. Heartbeat 11/23/2012
6. A Red Rose 11/23/2012
7. Only Your Heart 12/3/2012
8. Listen 12/3/2012
9. Hear Me 12/3/2012
10. Prince 12/3/2012
11. When We Met 12/7/2012
12. You Hear 12/7/2012
13. Like No Other 12/7/2012
14. If I Had One Wish 12/7/2012
15. Secrets 12/7/2012
16. Dont Let True Friendship Die 12/7/2012
17. Friends 12/14/2012
18. Friends The Best 12/14/2012
19. I Want To Be 12/3/2012
20. Christmas Is Coming 12/6/2012
21. You Will See Me Again 12/6/2012
22. Trust Me 12/15/2012
23. A Broken Mirror 12/21/2012
24. Take Time 11/24/2012
25. Living On The Edge 12/14/2012
26. Prince And Princess 12/6/2012
27. I Believe 12/3/2012
28. Waterfalls 11/22/2012

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Waterfalls such a beautiful sight
So peaceful and quiet
The water shimmers as it falls
Blue and clear

Hear the whisper in the air
As the water flows around
Listen at the sound
As it calms you down

It lets you think
Your mind in a spin
As you wonder
At the amazement of a waterfall

It is graceful like a swan
As it flows down
It is like a gentle breeze
Such a tender touch

Waterfalls can touch your soul
Your heart
Make you wonder and think
What beauty nature brings

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You Are

You are my friend
My companion to
Through good times and bad
The best buddy
My best friend
Through happy and sad
I will stand beside you
You walk with me
Listen to me
There to talk to me
With smiles, and happiness
Tears and pain
I know you'll be there
Throughout all the years

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