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i am 17 BOUT TO TURN 18 AND CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MARRIED TO MY HUBBY BRETT. yrs old and i am smart even through i droped out of high school but i am tring to get enrolled again.i luv listen to music play around and other things. i have been a problem child for almost all of my life but i have changed my out look on life. i was put in a mental instat ...

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I Love You

Before I was alone in the shadow
Couldn't find my way
Every hatred that blocks my room of darkness
Every tears that falls down on my cheek

Best Friend

If there is a moment that hard to forget
That is the day when you and I had met
I even know what is the date
The day when we were classmates


If I said I loved you would it be a lie?
If I said to leave would you say goodbye?

If I'd have been different and changed one thing

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