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'A Voice Unheard...
Never Important to Listen to.

All Looks go Unnoticed...

'Your love is like the sweet nectar of a garden flower is to the bumblebee.

It's soothing to my body as the calmness of the tides in the deep blue sea!

“A Lowly Soul in a Lowly World! Who can find She?
No One! For No One Really Sees Her for Who She Really Is, and All that She can Really be…Not Even She!
For She is Cast Aside without Care, Concern and True Love!

“A True Friend Sticks Closer than a Brother; Cries Harder than a Sister; Cares for You like a Mother; And with Honesty, Yet with Love and Wisdom, Corrects you like a Father.

A True Friend’s Yay will be Yay and there Nay will be Nay each and every day!

“Just like the ROARING THUNDER shakes the earth beneath the darkened skies...
My heart ROARS like a Lioness for your gentle touch between my thighs!

Just as nectar from a tropical fruit brings nourishment to the body & soul...
My heart yearns for the milk of your loin to flow within me as electricity shoots through an electrical pole!

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Hello, I'm a Happily Married Woman to a GREAT Man whom I Adore and Love from the Core of my Heart, Mind, Body & Soul! He's truly my Everything under God! However, before him, I lived a Very Hard Life! So forgive me if I stay doted a little while longer (possibly a lifetime) about the True Love that God has Granted me in my Older Years! I pray that you will like what I've posted. Blessings...have a wonderful life! : -) Sincerely Loved...Mrs. Angela Ilyas < 3 I.A < 3)

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'A Whisper In The Wind'

'A Voice Unheard...
Never Important to Listen to.

All Looks go Unnoticed...
Because I'm Invisible to the Eyes of Importance.

Never Hi, How are you with Sincerity and Truth...
Only the Evil Smile of their Hearts Uttering Pain to You with High Hopes that You Won't make it Through.

Why oh Why God has it Always been so?
Do I have to be Hated by ALL and Constantly kicked to the Floor?

What have I done to deserve so much Pain?
Why is it that No one cares about my Heart nor my Name?

I Feel as if I will Forever Be but a....
Whisper in the Wind...Never Important to Listen to.

All looks go Unnoticed because I'm Invisible to the Eyes of Importance.

Who Am I?
No One! Never have been Nor Ever will be!

Don't Look at Nor Listen to Me...
For I'm the Whisper that should Never Be...
Just a DEAD WIND! '

~Angela Ilyas 8/06/2015 @ 4: 50 AM

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