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I sit on a cliff
By the ocean shore
I am watching
As the sun sets

Two hearts
Joined together
In a bond
Greater than heaven

Grandmother and Grandfather are here,
Visiting from Florida.
Here to be with dad,
He’s been sick.

I don’t like school,
School is no fun,
Not to me.

There’s a saying
About a babies
Second year of life.
It’s called

Shadows lurking all around us
Shadows hide the world from us
Darkness it its nature
Mysterious is its creature

School is back in,
I hope it is a good year.
I hope I have the classes I wanted.
I hope I get to see my friends a lot this year.

My Big Sis is …

No paper to write on,
No poem to read,
No pencil to write with,
No book to read.

The wind is blowing,
Blowing slow and fast on my skin,
Blowing fast and hard on his skin.

For so long
You have annoyed me,
Bugged me,
Teased me,

So long ago
There was a group
13 girls were bored
A movie to see

Water is coming,
The sky is crying.
The tears feel the streets,
No cars go down them.

Did you know
It rains in the south?
I know it rains everywhere,
But in the south

Today is my birthday,
The first one without you.
Mom took you some cake,
Did you like it?

Dangerous dropp off ahead
Only trees to see
Only birds to hear
Deers abound

Roaring plant
Living soul
Eyes that see
Nose that smells


Art on the walls
Art all around
A buzzing sound
Puts art in this shop

In the sky
The clouds glow bright
On the limestone slab I lay
Quarantined I feel

Where did it go?
I want it right now!
That little baby mouse,
Unprotected by its mother.

The Best Poem Of Angela M. Maynard

An Unseen Dream

I sit on a cliff
By the ocean shore
I am watching
As the sun sets
The first my eyes
Have seen this site
As the sun and ocean
Meet this night
I watch with magic eyes
As from the ocean
Dolphins dance in the sky
A dance no human eyes
Did they let see before
I sit on the cliff
And watch the scene
As sun and ocean
Join this evening
As dolphins dance
Their nighttime lullaby
And in the distance
I hear their song
So soft and lovely
That I drift to sleep
And wake next
To see a rising sun
In my bed I realize
That I had dreamed of a site
My eyes had not seen
For no ocean is near
My landlocked home

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