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Born and brought up in Wales, Uk, (not England) . I have always tried to write, and here are a few attempts. Thank you for looking me up!

Angharad Davies Poems

That's Just The Way It Is

I forget that I have the capacity to feel anything
Then, You
Come silently into view,
You shake me awake.


When I was young
I saw Love hanging from a bough
Like a star burning bright

The Decision To Love

I felt it coming
Strange monsoon
I was stretched and compressed
The heart harpoon

Dementia Mother.

I don't remember,
Where has it gone?
Did the wind whistle in and take it?
Did you see it?

The Shipwreck

In the watery depths of my womb,
There lies a shipwreck
Its mast and frame made of you and I
It cries Freedom from within

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