ani hill Poems

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Sick And Tired

Im sick of pretending its all perfect
Tired of living a lie
Sick of loving you
Tired of the tears I cry

Sitting Here In Tears

I'm sitting here in tears
You think it's just a joke
But its not you that's hurting
It's not your heart that's broke

I Just Wanted You To Know

I sit her writing this poem
Longing to let go
Would you even notice?
Would you even know?

Her Or Me

Don't look in my eyes
Don't take my hand
Don't tell me your sorry
Or that you understand


I sorry about this daddy
I know you love me so
But the pain is just too much
I really need to go

Laugh It Up

Laugh it up when you see me
Laugh about the times you left me for your friend
Laugh at how I came running back
How I always gave in in the end

Please Dont Judge

You all judge me by my looks
But you dont know the real me
You dont see the person inside
Who I really want to be