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It’s almost Mother’s Day
and I haven’t bought a gift.

But what do you give

I felt the breath of God
breathe on me today.
Gentle, cool, and heavenly
in a supernatural way.

M Is for the mother God gave to me.
O is for outstanding that she should be.
T is for timeless, she's ever near.
H is for the honor she deserves each year.

My sister is a poet;
a good one, I must say.
She loves to read and write
verses every day.

Its a pretty good day
so far.
Despite those things
that are.

(Inspired by Kee Thampi)

I’ll always remember Mother -

Felt a little down
with my spirits in the dune.
But they began to lift
as I sung a little tune.

Saw a little snake.
Had gardener to cut the lawn.
Very scared of snakes.

Things have changed in our town.
All the old grocery stores
are gone out of business.
Theaters are closed.

Haiku- Birth of Kittens

The birth of kittens
are an incredible sight.

I love flowers.
They are beautiful,
like my children.

I'm a working Grandmother
who's always on the go.
I enjoy my job,
travelling to and fro.

Morning, noon,
or late at night
I love to cook,
it's my delight.

I'm a people person—
a family person too.
There is nothing better
that I love to do

I love reading poetry;
mine and others’ too.
It’s among my favorite
Things to do.


Lately the world seems to be
spinning faster by the day.
Some hold on
while others fall away.

Time does
so quickly fly.
Simply passing
right on by.

To the Father who knows
joy and pain.
To the Father who knows
sunshine and rain.

This beautiful resurrection
is the time for reflection.
Upon the holy sacrifice
deemed the ultimate price.

The fourth of July
is independence day,
and festivities
are well under way.

The Best Poem Of Anie Vans

It’s Almost Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day
and I haven’t bought a gift.

But what do you give
to someone who deserves
A book?
A scarf?
A diamond ring?

I’m sure that
she’ll appreciate
whatever gift I give.

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