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Love does not doubt
Love is sure

Love does not rush

The music is over
No guests to fill these rooms
The hired help long gone
Intruding silence looms

Inner voices leading to and fro
Like a puppet on a string
Not knowing where it will go
Yielding with a freedom that sings

To see your face in 3-D
Would be oh so heavenly

To have our eyes finally meet

Wretched technology
Bringer of false hopes
Of friends for company
And self-indulgent fantasy

Wistful moments spent
lying in the dark
stuck in stifling stillness
of restless solitude

Into this world we’re born
destined for Life and Death
we can be sure
of Joy and Sorrow

A heart that beats
to a peaceful rhythm
A mind that exists
to think with intent

My time is all I have to give
some relief is all you seek
A few words perhaps
of understanding and hope

Does silence suffice when you care for someone
But friendship is the most they can give

Does silence suffice when friendship is offered

We all cared about this Earth
and our fellow man,
There would be no wars, over
religion, wealth or land


Oh Uncle Paul
how I miss you so
Your goofy smile
and wayward style

So full of promise

Fuelled by belief

Anna Kelly Biography

I was born in Melbourne and have lived here most of my life. I have always enjoyed playing around words but also like to stop and enjoy that space in my mind where we can be free from thoughts and words and simply be. Despite the sombre tone of some of my poems, I always try to look on the bright side of life. I also enjoy photography, please feel free to visit my gallery @ http: //

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Love's Mantra

Love does not doubt
Love is sure

Love does not rush
Love is patient

Love does not obsess
Love is calm

Love does not possess
Love is freedom...

December '06

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Anna Kelly Popularity

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