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Anna Swirszczynska (also known as Anna Swir) was a Polish poet whose works deal with themes, including her experiences during World War II, motherhood, the female body, and sensuality.

Swirszczynska was born in Warsaw and grew up in poverty as the daughter of an artist. She began publishing her poems in the 1930s. During the Nazi occupation of P ...

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Susan Betts 27 January 2012

More poems by this author please.

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Susan Betts 27 January 2012

I love all the 7 poems of Anna Swirszcynska on this website. I would really like to be able to find some more.

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The Best Poem Of Anna Swirszczynska

The Second Madrigal

A night of love
exquisite as a
concert from old Venice
played on exquisite instruments.
Healthy as a
buttock of a little angel.
Wise as an
Garish as air
blown into a trumpet.
Abundant as the reign
of a royal Negro couple
seated on two thrones
cast in gold.

A night of love with you,
a big baroque battle
and two victories.

Anna Swirszczynska Popularity

Anna Swirszczynska Popularity

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