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Ode To The Old Year 1787.

LET courtly bards, in courtly lay,
Invoke the muse on New Year's day,
Prophetic, future times unfold,

A Mermaid’s Song

NOW the dancing sunbeams play
On the green and glassy sea;
Come, and I will lead the way,
Where the pearly treasures be.

To My Daughter

DEAR to my heart as life's warm stream,
Which animates this mortal clay,
For thee I court the waking ...

To The Nightingale.

WHY from these shades, sweet bird of eve,
Art thou to other regions wildly fled?
Thy pensive song would oft my cares relieve,

Winter, A Sonnet

BEHOLD the gloomy tyrant's awful form
Binding the captive earth in icy chains;
His chilling breath sweeps o'er the wat'ry plains,

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