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Crippled with anger

Crippled with fear


As we speak, our minds race through
The hopes, the possibilities of just what might have been
Secretely, we thought that maybe after years apart
There may be that magic, that special moment

Come walk with me thru' a field of dreams
Of wooded lanes and sunlit streams
Where rainbows light the path below
And Sunlite' beckons the flowers to grow

You are the white star of twilight
The moon in the sky's far end
I shall lie down with thee…
Rise up with thee

We walked for awhile together

side by side

Let the child in me come out to play
In that nudging bud of youth that still remains
Etch its frolic deep within my heart
So I will always remember

Listen to the still, quiet sounds
Can you hear their voices
feel their flow of peaceful, butterfly thoughts
as they land gently in your soul?

I had a dream last nite, so vivid, so unfeighned
As you touched my face, my heart became unchained
An Angel with a pen, was writing down our script
You softly touched my skin and gently kissed my lips

One, cold day in December...
The year was 1996
You walked into my life
Later on, with your kind, blue eyes,

I remember it so well...
Almost, as if it were yesterday
Laying out in the backyard
of my parent's white,

To the roof of the world the mighty eagle flies
Silently watching the Earth down below
They fly mile after mile, day after day
Their solemn spirits soaring in Heavenly skies

Am I lost to thee forever?
The moon throws off thine light
I stumbled and fell along my way
Yet mine ear heareth thy voice still

We're awaiting a miracle...ssh,
She's asleep within the womb
One day we'll look into your beautiful face
Count all your fingers and toes

She seemed to be like a portrait...
Which had fallen from its gilded frame
Lying face down on the empty, cold wintry floor

Big chocolaty, liquid brown eyes
That make me want to swoon
Rich cherry red lips
So edible, so delicious

They sit together after supper, two forks, two plates -dishes cleared, put away. She, with her tiny spectacles perched a little crooked on her face - he, with his favorite pipe. Her withered hands lay peacefully in her lap…he reaches out, gently touching them -

Unbearable cares held back...
face turning emerald with despair
by lost, withered dreams...
by his lost childhood

Mary Rose, the mighty sailing sea vessel glided majestically across the waves -
With the ocean's heaving winds blowing off her proud stern and mast
Sailing victorious and proud - her billowing white sails were cast
The calm, liquid waters of the sea...flowing quietly purple blue for now-

Secrets...from the house of whispers
keep calling out my name - in the halls and rooms
where as a child I lived and walked within
Unknown secrets, memories that wake me in my sleep

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I am not the professional singer Anne Murray from Canada. I love her voice, and songs. I know most of them by heart.I have sung them for years. I wish I could sing them as well as she does! At one time, we even sort of looked somewhat alike. But alas, I am not her, my name is Patricia Anne Murray. I go by the name of Anne Murray. I use 'LadeeAnne for my poetry and blogs. I was born and raised in Idaho and graduated highschool in Pocatello in 1962. Second of five children. I'm divorced, retired and now live in Omaha, Nebraska. My home is almost 100 years old, full of antiques. I enjoy decorating, painting, I specialize in wall murals.I'm an avid writer of poetry, articles and blogging.I also enjoy working in my garden. I don't enjoy the cold winters. I have 3 grown children, who all live in other states and one Granddaughter, My Sweet Marina, who is 9 yrs. wise. I enjoy writing poems for friends, family, for myself, and...just in general. It's very cathartic, putting words to paper. My poetry, is not always from 'personal experiences'. Some are sad, some are funny.... and some, show the struggles of life in general. Pain of lost love, (we all know that feeling) , humor and pleasant memories. I always appreciate feedback on my work. It helps at times to improve my writing, knowing what others think.I've never shared my poems with too many people, so be honest with how you see them. Thank you....... and, I'm looking forward to making new friends here, sharing ideas and poetry and perhaps a few 'giggles'?)

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My Husband, My Abuser

Crippled with anger

Crippled with fear

My heart is aching

My eyes fill with tears

You tell me I'm bad, that I'm a loser

You're my husband, you're my abuser

I'm afraid to stay...

Afraid to leave

I'm scared to love you

Scared to believe

Your behavior keeps me so confused

There's so much pain

I feel so used

You've kept me so long

Under your spell

My heart feels so lonely

I'm as empty as a shell

All you gave was pain and sorrow

Not much hope for a bright tomorrow

Longing for a tender touch

A gentle voice

Will this painful life be my only choice?

A river of tears

So many lost years


At last, I'm free - I sent you away

Now, each nite I vow to pray

I thank the Lord for giving me strength

From now on - I'll keep you at length

You've set me free Lord - You made me brave

I promise I'll never be...

Another man's slave


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