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I am not the professional singer Anne Murray from Canada. I love her voice, and songs. I know most of them by heart.I have sung them for years. I wish I could sing them as well as she does! At one time, we even sort of looked somewhat alike. But alas, I am not her, my name is Patricia Anne Murray. I go by the name of Anne Murray. I use 'LadeeAnne f ...

ANNE P LadeeAnne MURRAY Poems

My Husband, My Abuser

Crippled with anger

Crippled with fear

Burned Bridges


As We Speak

As we speak, our minds race through
The hopes, the possibilities of just what might have been
Secretely, we thought that maybe after years apart
There may be that magic, that special moment

Field Of Dreams (New Version)

Come walk with me thru' a field of dreams
Of wooded lanes and sunlit streams
Where rainbows light the path below
And Sunlite' beckons the flowers to grow


You are the white star of twilight
The moon in the sky's far end
I shall lie down with theeā€¦
Rise up with thee

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