Annia Rosa

Annia Rosa Poems

1. Unoriginal 1/16/2012
2. Spanish Lullabies 1/16/2012
3. Incessant Question Marks 1/16/2012
4. Knighthood Dashed 1/17/2012
5. Away 1/19/2012
6. Fallen Men 1/22/2012
7. I Do Not Like My Poetry 1/23/2012
8. There Is 2/3/2012
9. I Wish I Were A Shoe 2/3/2012
10. Oh, Watson 2/21/2012
11. Swinging Tree 5/18/2012
12. Bonesbones 2/3/2013
13. Only For A While 2/10/2012
14. Rain Today 1/23/2012
15. Blood On My Hands 1/31/2012
16. In Some With Nia 1/13/2012
17. Red Velvet Wedding 2/4/2012
18. Kind Man 1/17/2012
19. Being Judged 1/23/2012
Best Poem of Annia Rosa

Being Judged

I know I'm not that old
I know I'm still so young
That doesn't mean I'm not mature
Or that I'm so high-strung

I don't think it's very fair
To find me infantile
When you yourself misbehave
For more than just a while

I don't quite understand some things
But that doesn't make me ignorant
I know I don't know what you might
But that just makes us more different

I know I'm not like you at all
Not even just a little bit
That doesn't make me worse than you
Nor does it make me unfit

I hate the way you judge me so
When you don't know my...

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Kind Man

I once knew a man who knew me quite well
He had curly white hair and a powdery smell
He knew me more than I could ever know him,
And all at once the future seemed ever so grim
For this man, this great man, with crow's feet-ed eyes
And rivers etched in his face with no sense of surprise,
He had lived and had learned and had gone with the wind
And had given and grown and drawn from within,
And had words aplenty to share with whomever walked by,

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