Anonymous Americas Poems

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Hell In Texas

The devil, we're told, in hell was chained,
and a thousand years he there remained,
and he never complained, nor did he groan,

Oh! He's Nothing But A Soldier

'Oh! he's nothing but a soldier,'
But he's coming here tonight,
For I saw him pass this morning,
With his uniform so bright.

Hurrah For The Light Artillery!

On the unstained sward of the gentle slope,
Full of valor and nerved by hope,
The infantry sways like a coming sea;

The Sun's Last Ray

Upon the blue mountain I stood,
Upon the mountain as he sank into the Rivers of Night:
The camps of the clouds in the heavens were shining with

The Slave Boy's Wish

I wish I was that little bird,
Up in the bright blue sky,
That sings and flies just where he will,

The Song Of The Negro Boatmen

O, praise an' tanks! De Lord he come
To set de people free;
An' massa tink it day ob doom,
An' we ob jubilee.

James Longstreet

With muffled drums and the flag that was furled
With the cause that was lost, when the last smoke curled

If I Ever Marry, I'Ll Marry A Maid

If ever I marry, I'll marry a maid;
To marry a widow, I am sore afraid:
For maids they are simple, and never will grutch,

The Laily Worm And The Mackerel Of The Sea

"I was bat seven year alld
Fan my mider she did dee,
My father marr{.e}d the ae warst woman
The wardle did ever see.


In the cool, sweet hush of a wooded nook,
Where the May buds sprinkle the green old mound,
And the winds and the birds and the limpid brook,