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Friendship is like a diamond
It is precious
Friendship is like a fine wine
It matures over time


My culture, mu religion, my race
It is mine
Why is it that my culture they have urged me to be ashamed of?
When I make a toy from a matchbox

I was not there to see you shed your first tear
I was not there for your first love
I was not there to comfort you
I was not there when you were experiencing your heartache, the pain of youraffliction to drink

Don't ever loose your brother
And always keep him near
Never say yo hate him
Tell him your always there.

My culture what is it?
Is it not defined by where I come from?
Is it not defined by Race?
Is it not defined by color

I look in the mirror and see a reflection of me
A reflection I didn't want to see
A reflection that clouds what I thought I would see

If I could choose to be with someone
That someone would be you

If I could choose to love someone


Why can love not be simple
Why can love not be clear cut
Why can love not come to me

I would have loved you with more intensity
Than you would ever had known.


My mind now when I think of you
Is like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle
Where all the pieces are jumbled up
Where it takes time to fit all the pieces

I promise to be the first to say
I am sorry even if I was right
I promise never to lrt you doubt my
Sincerity, my honesty or my love

To feel the tips of your fingers gently running down the nape of my back
To hear the dulcet tones of your voice wispering sweet nothings in my ears.
To see the light in your eyes brightening up the inner depths of the darkness of my soul.
To run my fingers through the lusciousness of your hair that parts like the Res sea.

Do not shed a tear
For when I am gone
I have gone to somewhere better than here.

I do not know why?
But I can not cry.
I do not feel emotion
Am I so cold

When you look at faces in a pub,
What do you see on a Friday evening?
The stress being released and shown on the faces
The week-end is upon us once again.

You are the positive to my negative
You are the medicine to my aliments
You are me and I am you
Each of us is who we want to be.

Some say that black is right
Others say white is right
No one takes me in.


The peace of God Is like a cloudless sky, where there are no imperfections.
The peace of God is like the beginning
There is only a blank canvas

If my life was in your hands, would it not be better than in my own?

If my life was in your hands, would the journey I need to take not be smoother?


Father once more we are here in your presence.
Father those of us who are not here today, we prey that wherever
they are, like us they also look to you for strength and fortitude to carry on.

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Friendship is like a diamond
It is precious
Friendship is like a fine wine
It matures over time
Friendship is for life
Until the end
Friendship is not just the name of a feeling
It is a feeling of understanding, honesty and trust
Between two people

Friendships can come and they can go
Like day and night, hot and cold
But you and I are something else
Our friendship is here to stay
Like the sun, the moon, and the stars in the sky
That will never go away

That is friendship

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