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Each heart's soul desire
loving blindness shared
embracing from distant shire
nothing as true as silence giving

absence of nourishment
rakes upon the soul
in even well-spaced lines

Could we?
Be so brave
as to offer yet again another invitation to love?
Once again to risk our hearts our souls;

We met in evening's gray twilight,
our bodies clasped in sweet delight,
to share the shawl of sultry warmth
as lovers often do.

Heaven's landscape strewn
every point a diamond shining
lilac scented dreams
escorting unborn wishes

teardrops gently fall
laughing songbirds fill the air

I would if I could
pluck the stars from the heavens
a necklace to make
adornment to beauty's breast

Myrtle and laughter,
intimately fragranced joy
happily swirling
amidst anticipation,

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Thriving on the emotional and spiritual beauty of poetic verse... relishing in those who would share a glimpse of their soul... and benefiting from the critical review of mine.)

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Anthony Burkett Popularity

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