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My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me, we all have such moments, all seems hopeless. There is nothing, still we go on, we find a way. If we have done works of the soul, if we have moments before the cross where we where true to our core, those muster seeds will carry our depths, our soul, our life to a new life here or to new lands, to new hope, to more noble fulfilling desires to better more refined worlds to come.

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18 May 2015

Mental health issues. The results of a spirit trying to establish itself into a physical and emotionally abusive, resistant and toxic Material order where individuals are indifferent to the suffering of children.

19 May 2015

Did you ever notice that what your really feel deep and sense down inside of you, is more real, is more powerful than your history, tendencies, ways and limitations, and when you fully aligned yourself with this and fully commit to your truth, the God within you, and the active God which this universe is part of manifests unseen power and beauty of you that you always into your life.

04 September 2015

You reach a point where you intentionally stop eating and believing that you are getting real nutrition from poisonous roots. (Metaphorically) . Or the roots pretended to be there for you but really were not, for what ever reasons, they were preoccupied with their own internal turmoil.This is difficult if you came from a place where the roots were there for you and good for you on some levels but underminding and undoing you on others. When you reach a point where you have the discernment to really tell the difference, ven far beyond cultural and social perception, where your need for self fulfillment outstrips all of them, regardless of how intense or alluring or seductively they present themselves or they make themselves. Copyright © 2015 Anthony Cavuoti All Rights Reserved

15 November 2015

SO-CALLED ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER the results of how Little Attention, real attention you give your children. The brain does not lie it's the map of your attitude towards your child. Children always reflect their parents attitudes towards them.. weather its conscious or not admit it and not accepted or it not. Genetics code is analogous to a phonebook you could have a phone book of your city and still not know it. Have to experience every street every person every relationship....... Drug companies make money from genetics not from the truth and not from our experience, not from our wisdom and courage to face the truth.

20 November 2015

All of the information recorded about the universe since man's inception is false. So what ever is and was documented about you is completely false. it tells more about the jealous deceivers. Once you realize that most of you is out of time, you're all right. Don't take the deceptive game here too serious.

18 December 2015

When we hold onto Something real it doesn't bend time and reality it is time and reality. It is more courage, faith, positive thinking, good attitude and confidence It is a spirit of giving To life in a unique way that you decide. Copyright © 2015 Anthony Cavuoti All Rights Reserved

13 March 2016

Just Because I move the dial does not mean I don't love the song or the radio station. it takes time It takes a long discussion in time before you commit to one station.

09 June 2016

What if your awareness was more sensitive and your brain development reflected this. As well as your entire way of perceiving and reacting to the world. What if you were first born a chrysalis instead of a inchworm. In a state of evolution where most are inch worms in very very few become butterflies. In the culture of the inchworm you would appear to be quite insufficient. The demands of your environment will force you to come out of your chrysalis. In many ways you would still be an inchworm but you will still have unformed appendages that are the precursors to being a butterfly which would simply be a hindrance in your struggle to adapt and compete and being an inchworm. Intuitively you know that parts of you will be lost if you succeed and by your very success you would have failed so how do you adopt to and be part of the transformation which you inherently are. How do you potentiate yourself in a environment that sees your strengths as a deficiency or some sort of character fault. Hence the struggles and the Paradox of being dyslexic. I wish to provide a dynamic Matrix of a chrysalis in our culture so dyslexics could flourish. Many wise people will appreciate the dyslexic, they will see their unique attributes, orientation and perceptions as part of a greater phenomenon that enriches are human conditions in ways that cannot be predicted. At present our survival depends on embracing diversity so we could change our destructive course while maintaining our vital functions. This hyperbole does speak to the heart of the matter for it shows the almost disparaging task dyslexic face in fulfilling their potentials and in being true to themselves. For they have many diverse and wide intellectual and creative powers but the established system that systematically weeds them out, and this happens in such an matter of fact and overwhelming way whereby they believe that they are failures. I could honestly speak to how untrue this is. opyright © 2016 Anthony Cavuoti All Rights Reserved

31 March 2019

There is an inner spark of humanity within all of us that is invincible that will continue regardless. Let us reclaim our humanity once more. We need the courage to face and to challenge the regressive trend that are exponentially leading us away from perfecting our human powers and manipulating us in mistaking passively being entertained as a substitute for life. Copyright © 2019 Anthony Cavuoti, MA All Rights Reserved

31 March 2019

One of God's endless reflections is infinite creation with an unlimited expanding range of experiences within creation, perfecting personal caring, that is love being one of them in your human life on earth in this universe.' Copyright © 2014 Anthony Cavuoti, MA, LMFT All Rights Reserved

31 March 2019

You no longer have faith in an existence past your physical life, though you pretend you do and you pretend that you are not pretending. By the way there is, though it is nothing that you can comprehend while you are in the three dimensional restrictions of your corporeal embodyment. Copyright © 2019 Anthony Cavuoti, MA, LMFT All Rights Reserved

01 April 2019

Some government agencies are similar to what street cleaner trucks really do, only mess things up the more they work and have another government agency fine you harshly when you make a mistake.

24 August 2020

Supportive understanding with emotional attunement, releases dormant forces, that allows you to more fully develop your own tools and confidence to feel your Family of origin emotional blockages, heal without being overwhelmed so as to process through, to Liberate you from the restraints of family issues, and to actualize the positive tendencies of your own innate potential's.

25 August 2020

Be there for your child emotionally so he could be there for himself, she can understand herself more and the world as it is without distortions, matter fact maybe even a filter, instead of all the emotional distortions and unnecessary tensions that constantly perpetuating battles to maintain equilibrium.

26 August 2020

Permission to find your voice, clear your perception, find your destiny, untangle yourself from emotional immaturity's that you internalize from your early environment that were not able to adequately reflect your transcendent resources.

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