Anthony Cavuoti

Anthony Cavuoti Poems

1. African-Native American Women 12/5/2015
2. After 11/25/2015
3. Albert Einstein 9/5/2012
4. All Acts Of Violence Stem From Child-Abuse, Insidious Forms Of Child Abuse; 11/14/2015
5. All Heroes For The Past 100 Years Are False Adds 5/15/2013
6. Always A Way. 12/13/2015
7. Always There 8/6/2015
8. And We Won't Be Dead Forever 11/10/2015
9. Animus 12/17/2015
10. As You Go Through Life 10/17/2011
11. As You See 8/9/2011
12. Attachment 9/2/2012
13. Awe Of Life 10/28/2012
14. Awonderful Feeling 11/15/2015
15. Be Prepared To Be Slandered, Pathologized, 2/1/2014
16. Be The World, The Life That You Want To Die To, To Be Born Into, 1/30/2013
17. Be True To Your Higher Calling(S) 12/20/2015
18. Be With Them 12/20/2013
19. Beauty Of Darkness 7/8/2012
20. Because 5/4/2016
21. Before I Met Her 12/11/2015
22. Being Dyslexic 6/4/2013
23. Bernadette 12/12/2015
24. Beware 1/24/2017
25. Beyond 7/13/2014
26. Birth Of More, Of More 8/10/2011
27. Black Girls 11/6/2015
28. Black Lives Matter. 10/30/2015
29. Born Again. More Powerful Than Facebook I Won't Be Your Friend 2/8/2017
30. Both Sides 2/9/2017
31. Bridge Of Passion 11/17/2015
32. Brighter, Deeper, And More Alive. 11/4/2012
33. Burning Phoenix, 12/5/2015
34. But It Is 10/16/2011
35. By Reflecting Back 10/25/2012
36. Called To Awake 12/2/2012
37. Candy Girl 8/3/2015
38. Candy Girl, She Has Heart 9/8/2015
39. Ceate A Spirit 10/15/2011
40. Changing View Of The Light 8/11/2011
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me, we all have such moments, all seems hopeless. There is nothing, still we go on, we find a way. If we have done works of the soul, if we have moments before the cross where we where true to our core, those muster seeds will carry our depths, our soul, our life to a new life here or to new lands, to new hope, to more noble fulfilling desires to better more refined worlds to come.

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Once More

In deep peaceful sleep and death we are with God.
We are the fish, God is all great lakes and oceans and
we peacefully exist in him.
In this life others needs of us awaken us from sleep.

In death other souls, loved ones and worlds might enchant us to go out down a stream, or river, away from gods center, away from our home, out of the lake and that life will be just as real as where we are now. From God to God once more.

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