Anthony Cavuoti

Anthony Cavuoti Poems

41. Charades 12/11/2015
42. Cherish The Time And The Moments 3/23/2016
43. Child Room 10/25/2012
44. Children 10/16/2011
45. Children Are The Very Core Of Creation 8/10/2011
46. Clarity 11/29/2015
47. Coming Into Being So Promising 12/16/2015
48. Could Not Resist Her. 12/11/2015
49. Cover The Truth Up And Protect The Abusers, 2/13/2013
50. Cyberspace 9/20/2015
51. Day In The Life Of A Dyslexic 11/20/2015
52. Deal With Its Force 6/2/2013
53. Death 10/20/2012
54. Death And Birth, 12/11/2015
55. Deceived 11/29/2015
56. Deep Levels 10/23/2012
57. Desire 9/2/2012
58. Dionysius. 11/16/2015
59. Dionysus 8/28/2015
60. Discontinuous Existence 8/9/2011
61. Dispel The Past Darkness. 11/11/2015
62. Do Not Be Intimidated By Bureaucratic Fools 3/28/2013
63. Do Not Wait 5/15/2013
64. Do You Rise To Or Do You Sink To 11/18/2012
65. Dyslexia 5/30/2016
66. Dyslexics Are 4g 8/8/2012
67. Each Of Us 8/9/2012
68. Each Of Us Is 9/23/2012
69. Each Time Is The Same Yet Different 4/16/2013
70. Embrace All Of Your Truth. 11/11/2015
71. Embrace You Truth 11/11/2015
72. Emotions 12/20/2015
73. Enchantress 12/5/2015
74. Essence 9/2/2012
75. Eternity And Tomorrow 5/16/2012
76. Even As A Child 12/18/2015
77. Even If 8/19/2012
78. Every Son When Their Younger Feels, Beliefs 2/2/2017
79. Every Time I Was With Her I Felt 5/28/2016
80. Every Time We Love Deeply 10/14/2012
Best Poem of Anthony Cavuoti

My God, My God, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me

My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me, we all have such moments, all seems hopeless. There is nothing, still we go on, we find a way. If we have done works of the soul, if we have moments before the cross where we where true to our core, those muster seeds will carry our depths, our soul, our life to a new life here or to new lands, to new hope, to more noble fulfilling desires to better more refined worlds to come.

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Unexpected Encounter

Somethings are beyond my capacity to express.
Sometimes the gifts of life, the grace of god goes beyond my wildest expectations, beyond any bliss, fulfillment and paradise I could ever imagine, ever dream of.
A miracle I can see, cherish and appreciate in time. Some were made for greatness, some meant for fame, others fortune, mine is greater than all combined, being able to appreciate you, Potentially having the privilege to see you in all your shades.
Not to act on it would surely ca

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