Anthony Taimanglo Taitano Poems

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Endless Journey

The journey we make in life is long and hard. This
journey which has its crossroads. . . when we get to them.
we have to decide on which road to take, what path to
make and what's down that road. This journey that we must make has many obstacles,

Together Again

This road is always an easy road at the beginning,
but time has a funny way of turning things around. The
passion and the love you have for life, you still have,
but I just never saw it, till it was too late. Time has a strange way of healing. The years have now

Into Tomorrow

To wake up in the early morning and to take a walk in
the park. . . to see the morning dew on the grass and on
the flowers, is a sight of such beauty to behold. The dew awakening nature to another day. . . the birds
which sing to the day forthcoming. . . a doe walking the meadow

A Given Word

A promise. . . my promise to you. . . is to devote my
life to you. . . devote my love to you. All I ever wish for
. . . all I ever want back is your love, your heart. . .
not your soul. A promise. . . my promise to you. . . is to give you,