April Swan

Rookie (3/3/95 / san deigo)

April Swan Poems

1. A Deja Vu Sacrifice 11/5/2012
2. An Offer With Love 3/30/2013
3. Don'T Worry 3/22/2013
4. Family's Helping Hand 3/26/2013
5. Hello I Am Human. 2/20/2013
6. I Am Blessed 2/1/2013
7. I Am Sorry 3/26/2013
8. I Am The Best Me 3/28/2013
9. I Am The Radio 1/30/2013
10. I Miss You 3/26/2013
11. Life Will Be Ok 3/27/2013
12. Life's Greatest Possession 12/3/2012
13. Looking In The Mirror 11/24/2012
14. Mirror Vs. My Reflection 11/13/2012
15. Mirrors Of Sadness 3/21/2013
16. My Mothers Smile 3/23/2013
17. My Pre-Interview Performance 12/11/2012
18. My Puppeteer 1/28/2013
19. My Unselfish Love Offering 3/5/2013
20. Never Stop Dreaming 2/13/2013
21. No Trusting Aloud! Xxx 3/19/2013
22. Nunn Of None 11/6/2012
23. Outer Space 3/18/2013
24. Puppy Love 3/29/2013
25. Puzzle Me Always 2/6/2013
26. Queen Of Hallucinations 2/4/2013
27. Recyling Love 11/24/2012
28. Regrets Of Just Yesterday 1/10/2013
29. Remembering You 2/27/2013
30. Sick Written 12/14/2012
31. Signs Of The Road 11/13/2012
32. Sin Stew 12/17/2012
33. So Long Seeing You 3/22/2013
34. Story Of A Sin To A Gun 12/20/2012
35. Subliminal Messages 12/3/2012
36. Taking Control 11/16/2012
37. Talking :) 3/27/2013
38. Thank You Readers! 3/28/2013
39. The Bottle Of No Pain 11/5/2012
40. The Explorer In Us All 2/5/2013
Best Poem of April Swan

Mirror Vs. My Reflection

Too sinister to be loved
Too hated for that kindness
Too ugly to be wanted
Too remorseful to be silenced
I'm a monster in the depths
Because that what is said
I'm all a fool to believe
Because I am not
Like them
But I am,
Like them
Because I do not believe
A very fool indeed
Because I listen to what they say
That I'm a monster for my skin
I'm too silent in the end
I'm as ugly as I want
Yes my hate could undo kindness
But I will never be too sinister to love
And so in the end be loved in return

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The Bottle Of No Pain

An aching longing rips through my facade,
That numbing soothing medicine, the bottle of no pain
This liquid that calls for me to take a drink
Takes my poor hurt soul and rips it from reality
Helps a fellow not to think of all their responsibilities
Until that precious shield fades and
That forbidden reality kicks me in the face,
Oh, that longing grips for a sudden barricade,
Those desperate hands reach out for that shot of fake

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