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I wish that I had a magic wand
I wish I could stop all strain

I wish that I could get things right

Too sinister to be loved
Too hated for that kindness
Too ugly to be wanted
Too remorseful to be silenced

Divine of thee
With those

I know I am a lot to deal with
I deal with me every day
I know I am not perfect in any way
So I understand how you might feel ok?

I don't know what
May happen tomorrow
I may not know where I will be
In ten years

You see my face…
You see a smile
You watch me talk …
You see happiness

I don't wish
For you to stay forever
I just want you to
Stay some how

Looking in the mirror
What is to see?
This girl is no longer
She's a stranger to me

You needn't worry
For I am here
To listen to you
For I will always be there

Looking at her face
To see her smile
The most beautiful thing
To feel my tears fall

I miss you like my mother's smile
I miss you like pure happiness
It's been a while
I miss you like I miss those

Sickly I am and sick I delay
For today is nothing but
A vey big mistake
A senseless day I tremor

A child cringes in the corner
Fate has came and called home for a horror
A man to who wicked grew
Has come to do what

Mother dearest Father too
You do anger me very much you do
I have tried too
Console with you indeed

Alone in the road
there stuck and soaked
Water running through
So used

There are times
When my life is astray
Those days when
My thoughts will complicate

Those clothes express
Perfumes will bathe
Her diamonds twinkle
That money buys

I thought that I had me figured out
That I finally cracked the code
But now I am thrown
To know

I have chosen to love you forever
And so I will care all the while
But I won't ever expect you
To love me back my friend

I see that way
The face you make
As it falls
With the words I say

April Swan Biography

I have written poetry since 4th grade, I always write bitter things that happen in life and my own experiance's, veiws and thoughts. I want to be a famous poet one day. So I thought I could start with this website.)

The Best Poem Of April Swan

I Am The Best Me

I wish that I had a magic wand
I wish I could stop all strain

I wish that I could get things right
Never be a problem to anything

I wish what being human
Was what I try to be

Then maybe I could be the best
A super hero that could fly

I would save everything
Even me

I would be so free
I would be an amazing me

But I am not
I am sorry
I am only me

But I am the best me
And I need to except that

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Rains Of Bloom 18 March 2013

i think she's in MY top 500 poets. poems are amazing, my favorite is THE HUNT WITHIN: i, smile to my audience, bow befor my pain, sing the song of lonliness, mask it with a smile in vain...i love the dark of poetry

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