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Ariana Cherry has been writing poetry since she was a young child. She has published a few collections which can be purchased on Amazon.

Types of poetry she writes includes inspirational, humorous and as late, horror. Ariana is president of her own poetry club and reads to residents in nursing homes and assisted living centers. She has also rea ...

Ariana Cherry Poems

Mindless Puddles

'Stopping in midthought to take a break. Those sweet temptations...

That bitter-sweet tempting taste of a reality not so real.

Cardboard Box

When I was young, I lived in a box
It was like any other home...
there were rules to follow
and we all ate at the table during dinner.

Saying Goodbye After A Sweet Sunset

Down by the sandy and excluded beach, I witness an alive and glowing sunset.

Shielding my burning eyes from its blinding rays, I lean down on bended knee,

Dreams And Jesus

Into the midst, lies a flame of untold glories....
Just breathe...
Just breathe, and the night will go away.

Nighttime Blues

Tonight, Lord, I say a prayer to you.
Before I lay my head down to sleep.
While I try to promise to myself,
That I dare not weep.

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