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Happy Birthday Troy, I'm so proud to be your DAD,
from the first time I held and sang to you, you have made me very glad. You have always had such a special way to sing the Blues,
I hope it's not because you feel, your DAD has been bad news! I have loved you, and will love you, all of your life.
Now you truly are a lucky man, because soon Jamie will be your wife! May God always bless you, and make you a star, then you


Jim Croce wanted to put time in a bottle, and I accomplished that fact.
It didn't matter, a bottle, a can or a glass, I drank my life away, and that's that! It was so easy to pour another hour away, buying happiness covered with foam.
Now my REGRETS are all piling up, and it's a lonely life that I roam. One for the road, One for lost love, and one for the courage to dance.
One drunken life now leaves me alone, when I should be sharing romance. It's easy to say I never dropped a drink, but then again, how would I know.

Shepherd's Chapel

Was Christ born in a stable, or in the cradle of the earth, a cave.
I guess it really doesn't matter, for what matters is the Wondrous Gift God Gave.
His cherished only Begotten Son!
To walk amongst us evil men, salvation has begun! Parables he taught us, to make it easier to believe.

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