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1. World 7/6/2012
2. Love 7/6/2012
3. Fire 7/6/2012
4. Bored 7/6/2012
5. Time 7/6/2012
6. God 7/6/2012
7. Tornadoes 7/6/2012
8. Life 7/6/2012
9. Winter 7/6/2012
10. The Forest 7/6/2012
11. Waves 7/6/2012
12. Waterfall Tears 7/6/2012
13. Wilderness 7/6/2012
14. Goodbye 7/6/2012
15. New Years 7/6/2012
16. Summer 7/6/2012
17. Rainbows 7/6/2012
18. The Pond 7/6/2012

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Love By: Armando Pena
Love is what get your heart start pumping day and night
Love is what makes you express your feelings with the person you love
Love is the long lasting bond that will be cherished forever and ever.: D

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World By: Armando Pena
We live in a world of happiness and sorrow
We live in a world that is unbalanced and needs to be straightened
We live in a world with opportunities that our god sacrificed for.
We live in a world with our endless limits with our wildest dreams and imaginations
We live in a world that we have our freedom and make something of our selfs to show god why were put on this land on to do
We live in a world that provides infinite amount of roads we choose to take in our lif

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