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; se il percorso è a pochi passi fino a qui, ….
voglio rompere l’impressione che l’infinito;

voulez vouz;

................ A journey; never know when it will end up at one point; step, mileage; too, was never able to count; every now and then I turned toward the back; many traces of the darkly not been recorded

In the rest of life;

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Für…(To The Beloved Consort Of My Heart)

; se il percorso è a pochi passi fino a qui, ….
voglio rompere l’impressione che l’infinito;

voulez vouz;
the urge is so strong;
because suddenly I wanted to write again
write anything about our conversation
at the end of the evening on the terrace of a greenhouse;

'I span measure my heart'
it just happens
flowing, almost unstoppable;

you just know,
with a sense of 'I tried to dive into my sense of who might be shallow
because I was told;
about heaven and earth
because I was told;
about a trip in the tunnel,

I rippled,
clear glass because you suddenly realized I wanted to reach into the back of my heart
even, the horizon invites you to get you to close the conscience
until you smell the scent of women clearly
very clearly to cover the smell of the earth at night you left;

I will try to knock your inner flirt
with two chairs
two clear glass and a bottle of cold water
we tell each other;
about the earth and its contents
about the taste of human
which I say;
'... That distinguishes us is the color and shape of a wisdom...'

I know you're a new,
which in a sense I have very long to know you
has not moved from the seat beside my left
I want you closer and getting closer
even merges with an imaginary jar on my chest
again because I still talk on and on
and, I hope it does not make sense of my lap asleep
flood of red wine from your ruby red lips
a heady sense of my
cradles goal expectations;

there is in there, there in nothing,
nothing in there, not in the no
there is, no
no, there is
Should there if there is no
why should not if any?

maybe you want to feel my chest deep
just because I tell you again
about life and life
about my offerings on the altar table
also about the land of my ancestors
among chant poems of life;

you just know
was unbearable to say and told me about;
blue and orange jungle life and the life;
more and more
more and more

even you talked about;
rain poured
storms in the mighty ocean
patter-patter of water flowing in rivers
gentle passage of the strings of love the wind in the morning of burning love
lightning formations
strains of small dots
and, vehicle lines;
a straight
the arch
the undulating in life and life
limited human instinct mortality atmosphere;
: 'I miss happy', you say.

and even then only because I spoke about;
meaning, content, meaning, space, place, time
and objectives of a, i, u, e, o life and life
and, that there is an extraordinary power of the Almighty Invisible
which I say: '.... He was, There! '

even more late night crawled slowly toward the morning
the strong pressures that increasingly unbearable;
'....... I want to drain the blood rushing into your veins in my veins'
though I know the question;
'Is there to me it could be-there-you, without a sense that you had to? '

until you finally say;
'You're not quite know me, ........ we do not yet know each other'

shifted towards the eastern limit of one inch from my head,
in my journey;
I color the nature of anxiety in my naivete as a human being,
I suddenly wanted to hug you tightly hearts to share the secret of my love in the heart with a slow pulse in between glasses of red wine
in a node's life
throughout the afternoon
throughout the night
; Hmmm.....,
'..... If the footsteps were just up here, I want a break in the footsteps of the infinite....'

: :
(One day at a park heart, make him across there)
Jakarta-Indonesia 2011
: :
(note) This poem is translated from the original title; 'Für…(Kepada Kekasihku Sang Permaisuri bathinku) . Sorry, if there is a sentence that is not pleasing to you. I am having trouble translating poetry from Indonesian into English)

© Arrie Boediman La Ede, Jakarta-Indonesia-2011

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