Artchil Daug

Artchil Daug Poems

1. A Prelude To Bukowski's 'A Man' 8/19/2012
2. Wise Until He Opened His Mouth 8/19/2012
3. An Accident In Barcelona 8/19/2012
4. Social Networking And A Notepad 8/19/2012
5. Where Is Lost. 8/19/2012
6. The Ugliest Man In Town 8/19/2012
7. Guilty Lovers 8/19/2012
8. Anomie 8/19/2012
9. Falling Late One Night In Hong Kong 8/19/2012
10. The Quest Of A Firefly One Summer Evening 8/19/2012
11. Please Give These Flowers To Madame Henrietta 8/19/2012
12. They Cried For The Moon 8/19/2012
13. Their Ears Were Not Enough 8/19/2012
14. Unpoetic Rumblings For An Unpoetic Age 8/19/2012
15. Portrait Of A Sleeper As Professor 8/19/2012
16. Progress 8/20/2012
17. Pantomime Of A Madman: Heaven 8/20/2012
18. Pantomime Of A Madman: Damnation 8/20/2012
19. Pantomime Of A Madman: Salvation 8/20/2012
20. Pantomime Of A Madman: Atonement 8/20/2012
21. Pantomime Of A Madman: Infidelity 8/20/2012
22. Pantomime Of A Madman: Crucifixion 8/20/2012
23. Pantomime Of A Madman: Vilification 8/20/2012
24. Prognostications 8/20/2012
25. Lichtung 8/20/2012
26. Plato 8/20/2012
27. The Church Of Latter Day Atheists 8/20/2012
28. Masks And Madness 8/20/2012
29. Freedom 8/20/2012
30. A Joke 8/20/2012
31. Hopeless 8/20/2012
32. Experienced Innocence 8/20/2012
33. Death 8/20/2012
34. Dreams 8/20/2012
35. Oilslam 8/20/2012
36. Hijab 8/20/2012
37. Historical 8/20/2012
38. Wrong Side Of Midnight 8/19/2012
39. Atheistic Humanism 8/19/2012
40. Accidental Firing 8/19/2012

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John Doe On Caffeine

The fumes of the newly brewed coffee
escaped beneath the buzzing sound of my table lamp

as shadows heaved itself in the living room
on that cold January dusk preparing to swallow me in bits

as heavy traffic clogged the streets just outside the windows
bellowing both human progress and street children just

like any other day that passed through as regular as
it can be nothing unusual and no breaking the metronome

that started in a morning that brought no novel meaning
only the repeating mantra of the placid river across town

raining leeches...

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Fun Run For Progress

They run, moving forward,
as gazelles, jumping over mountains,
past oceans of agriculture, near lakes
of suburban shacks, temporary Roman villas
that can vanish in smoke,
a badly positioned fart on eyes
deaf and beyond description,
running, steam locomotives, lost
in the provincial sunrise, hostage,

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