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Arthur Patchett Martin, writer, was born on 18 February 1851 at Woolwich, Kent, England, son of George Martin and his wife Eleanor, née Hill. In December 1852 the family arrived at Melbourne where Martin was educated at St Mark's School, Fitzroy, and matriculated at the University of Melbourne in February 1868. He worked in the post office from Nov ...

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Shobana Gomes 28 April 2014

I loved the humor in his analogy.

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Ian-paul Mason 27 October 2007

i have a book written by a.patchett martin that is signed to his niece and wondered if anyone knows the book that was published in 1893 named `true stories from Australasian history. the interest is in the book has me on an edge

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The Best Poem Of Arthur Patchett Martin


Not sweeter to the storm-tossed mariner
   Is glimpse of home, where wife and children wait
   To welcome him with kisses at the gate,
Than to the town-worn man the breezy stir
   Of mountain winds on rugged pathless heights:
   His long-pent soul drinks in the deep delights
That Nature hath in store. The sun-kissed bay
   Gleams thro' the grand old gnarled gum-tree boughs
Like burnished brass; the strong-winged bird of prey
Sweeps by, upon his lonely vengeful way --
   While over all, like breath of holy vows,
   The sweet airs blow, and the high-vaulted sky
Looks down in pity this fair Summer day
   On all poor earth-born creatures doomed to die.

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Arthur Patchett Martin Popularity

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