Ash adetayo Poems

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I Will Love You To The Ends Of Time.

Seconds to minute, minutes to hours
I will love you
Days to week, weeks to years
I will love you

The Relationship I Called Friendship, Ah It Must Be Love.

The relationship i called friendship, Ah it must be love
My heart feels so full when we are together and
Innocently i enjoy the closeness we shared together but
Ignorantly can't differentiate the fellings of love

The Narrow Path, Matthew 7: 13-14

Narrow is the way that leads to life
Broad is the way that leads to destruction.
Living on earth, i believe heaven is real
Living a life, i believe death is real

Mystery Rainbow

I Was Thinking Of You

Love Poem To My Love

Oh you my love, reaching you with a poem i wrote
In hope you will reach me back with a drope of note.

Imaging the sweet rhymes coming out from my mouth

A Broken Heart To Be Mend

A broken heart to be mend, your heart
A wrong doing to set right, my wrong
A broken relationship to be mend, ours
And A lost love love to be found.

Do I Love You? Yes!

Do i love you? Yes!
Loving you is something
That come to me easy
And my love for you is

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding heart is beautiful, no one can disagree
A nature that embrace the heart

Bleeding heart is beautiful, with this I found a symbol of love

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