Ashhy Quebedeau Poems

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Transforming Vampire

Running through the woods
feeling the light breeze through my flowing hair

tears flow from my eyes

Is This A Dream Or Reality In My Mind

Standing here in my lovely white tiled bathroom
I look up at the mirror
leaning forward trying to see deep inside my soul

Once Was A Puppet

stitched up like a good little puppet that i am
people taking ahold of my life

moving my arms, my mouth to what they want

Soul Hunting...

digging deep into my soul
i feel like my sanity is being pulled
out of my body and being replaced with insanity, lost, emptiness
and many more feelings i wish not to have

Tattered Heart Strings

An angel from heaven
had hope in her life

Always happy, giggly

Shadows Of The Night

shadows of the night
lurk around every corner of my innerself
trying to take over my soul

Didnt Even Bother To Pick Up

You didnt bother to pick up the phone
when i kept calling you every two minutes.
why didnt you listen to your voice mail?
Did you even bother to see what i was calling for

Loose Band-Aid

Glue on the tapes of the band-aid you put on your broken heart
is slowly coming unglued each passing day
as you feel the wound tear open again
when you fall down this black hole of yours

Hope In Her Winter Wonderland

Only one in this realm
feeling her hope fading away with the winter wonderland
Walking around to find someone
who can help bring hope back into her soul

Black Masquerade

Hiding behind a black masquerade
always hiding yourself behind a black velvet hood
you hide your feelings to
everyone around you